All our Hackney Training is provided by professional Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Approved Driving Instructors (A.D.I) who have successfully completed the Taxi-driver Training Course, gaining the necessary skills and information to pass on to potential or existing taxi drivers.

Hackney Training


Taxis play an important part of any town or city’s transport system and they usually come in two varieties – a ‘black cab’ (the traditional hackney carriage) or a private hire vehicle, often known as a minicab.

As a taxi driver, you would pick up passengers and take them to their destination by the quickest and safest route. Your main responsibilities would include:


  • taking job details over the radio from the operator at the office
  • helping to load and unload passengers’ luggage
  • helping passengers to get in and out of the vehicle if required
  • taking payments for fares
  • keeping the vehicle clean and in a roadworthy condition
  • keeping accounts and records up to date if self-employed.


If you drive a black cab you could be booked in advance, wait at an official taxi rank or pick up passengers while on the move, for example at railway stations and busy shopping areas.

If you work as a minicab driver, you would only collect pre-booked passengers. You could not be flagged down in the street.

You may be able to combine normal ‘pick-up’ jobs with contract work such as school runs. You might also make longer-distance trips such as taking people to airports, or to and from concerts and in other towns.


What qualifications and experience will employers look for?

You do not need any particular qualifications to become a taxi driver, but you will need an operator’s licence. You can get this from the licensing unit of your local council (or the Public Carriage Office inLondonand the DVLNI inNorthern Ireland).

Each unit has its own conditions of licence, but you will normally need to:


  • pass a criminal records check
  • be over 21 (18 in Northern Ireland)
  • pass a driving test
  • pass a medical
  • have held a full driving licence for at least 12 months


Some authorities may set their own driving tests for potential taxi drivers. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) has developed a Hackney Carriage Private Hire Test Assessment, which is also used by some licensing authorities.


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